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Stop misleading the public on August 8th Election, IEBC tells NASA

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By Machuki Dennson
The Independent and Boundaries Commission IEBC has told off NASA against misleading the public on the August 8th 2017 elections. In a statement signed by the acting chairperson Connie Maina Nkatha, IEBC says it conducted the August elections as per the constitution. The acting chairperson says the commission has been forced to restate the real facts because of the continued falsified information by the National Super Alliance NASA that the election was won by Mr Raila Odinga but rigged to President Uhuru Kenyatta by the IEBC.
Due to the pressure From NASA who claim to have accessed the IEBC servers on their own, the electoral commission shared in its website the full report on the August election and how it used some knowledge from the previous mistakes to conduct proper repeat election on 26th of October 2017. In the report the commission stated the following:
August 8th 2017 Presidential RESULTS Tally
The Commission tallied the presidential results and declared Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner with 8,203,290 (54.27%) votes while Mr. Raila Odinga came second with 6,762,224 (44.74%) votes. The Commission arrived at these fi gures after receiving ALL the Form 34Bs from the Constituency Returning Offi cers (CROs) from 290 constituencies and the diaspora. This was based on the interpretation of the Maina Kiai Case Civil Appeal No. 105 of 2017 which ruled that the presidential results declared at the constituency level are final.
Subsequently, the Commission sought clarification on this procedure and the same was provided by the Supreme Court. The procedure, as clarified, was later applied in the October 26th 2017 fresh presidential election.

John Walubengo NASA 54 34 20
Davis Chirchir Jubilee 24 10 14
Collins Ndindi Independent Candidate 46 6 40
Jappheth Kaluyu’s agent Independent Candidate 6 3 3
Bern Wafukho UDP 8 6 2
Bildad Kagai Thirdway Alliance 5 5 0

Opening of the Results Transmission Server
The electoral commission says that NASA had the highest number log in attempts and highest number of successful log ins. “This is a fact that NASA has always deliberately avoided to inform Kenyan. Instead, NASA continuously mentions the names of the agents of their political opponents to give an impression that only their opponents were given this access,” says IEBC.
“Based on the lessons learnt in the August 8election, in the October 26 election, the Commission developed and shared with stakeholders an even better mechanism of accessing the servers which resulted in enhanced transparency,” adds the commission.

Compliance with Supreme Court Order to Access the Servers
The Commission says when the Supreme Court ordered the Commission to provide petitioners and the third respondent access to the servers in the first 2017 presidential petition, it made efforts to expedite the order as soon as it was practically possible.
IEBC says “It should be noted that opening a server entails establishment of a secure link, defining user accounts and assigning permissions to a highly secure environment. It required collaboration by different experts, some of whom were based in Europe where the Commission’s cloud servers were hosted.”
In its defense why NASA could not still access the server as it claims, the acting chairperson says that “the process took time and the 48 hours given to comply with the order were certainly not adequate. By the time the secure link was established, there was little time left for the Court experts to report back to the Registrar and then the Supreme Court. It is a fact that access was provided to both NASA and Jubilee Party agents, though for a shorter period of time than anticipated.”

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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