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Terror suspect shot dead two others arrested by Police in Merti, Isiolo County

A black flag associated with the terror group was recovered in the apprehended Mitsubishi belonging to the terror suspects

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By Machuki Dennson
Anti-terrorism Police Unit Officers ATPU from Nairobi are in Merti, Isiolo County investigating a possible terror foiled attack in Isiolo. Talking to Radio Shahidi over the phone this morning, the Isiolo County Commissioner John Ondego has confirmed the incident but declined to give further information saying the ATPU officers from Nairobi are already on the ground following up on the matter.
In the incident, one suspected terrorist was shot dead yesterday in Merti and two others arrested by police officers who were on their way from a security patrol. According to police in Merti Police station, the incident occurred when the officers led by the Deputy County Commissioner Merti Sub County Julius Maiyio and the area OCPD Gifinalis Barasa were on a return journey from Yamicha.
The Occurrence Book (OB) at Merti Police Station indicates that the officers spotted a Mitsubishi spot car with a registration number KBM 200D hidden in the thicket. The team alighted and tried to approach the vehicle as part of the patrol but were shot at by one of the occupants of the Mitsubishi who also alighted while shooting. The police responded immediately killing the suspect instantly. Four other occupants tried to escape but two were apprehended by the officers. Two other suspects are still at large and one of them is said to be armed with an AK47 riffle. The two apprehended suspects are said to be Abdimajit Hassan Adan and Mohhamed Nane. The two are Kenyan citizens.
Police recovered an Identity card belonging to Jirma Huka Galgalo, three Safaricom GSM sim certificates, one GSM Airtel certificate and one driving license belonging to Adan Abdimajit Hassan. The officers also recovered from the vehicle two Nokia mobile phones, one tecno and one X-TICI mobile phone. Also recovered are Delta Hotel room key number 204, five AK47 riffles with 36 fully loaded magazines, one with two rounds and one empty magazine, unprimed hand grenades, 18 IEDs, three military knives, a black flag and other paraphernalia with alshabaab militia groups. The police say they also recovered a motorcycle with ignition keys.
Mr Mayio, the Deputy County Commissioner, who was leading the operation yesterday has confirmed also the incident but he also declined to give further details saying they would give more information after a closed door meeting.
In the meantime, a heavy presence of police officers has been witnessed in Merti region this morning as police seek to find out where the suspects were heading and whether they were heading for an attack mission or recruitment exercise.

Friday, February 16, 2018

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